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If you are looking for lawyer marketing in Atlanta, Georgia, it is critical to focus on many proven digital strategies to provide results. Remember, many Atlanta, Georgia attorneys are trying to stand out, so your digital marketing and SEO needs to be on point.

There are several ways to obtain impressive digital marketing results and leads, but the ones outlined here are particularly effective. Keep reading to find out about effective SEO for lawyers in Atlanta and related topics.

Digital Marketing For Lawyers

Why Pay For Online Lawyer Marketing?

Legal marketing online for Atlanta lawyers is critical. Most commerce in the country is based on the Internet. A recent study shows that people looking for legal services use Google and online reviews to find an attorney.

People who cannot locate your Atlanta law firm online may never turn to you when they need legal help. But you can bet they will find another lawyer online to contact.

Even when you get a referral from a satisfied client, they will likely look you up online. They will search for your site and see how many positive Google Reviews you have. If you are not online, they may turn to another attorney.

If someone needs an Atlanta lawyer, they may search for ‘divorce attorney’ in Buckhead or Old Fourth Ward. If your law firm is easy to find and has an attractive website, they are more likely to contact you.

However, if a law firm does not invest enough in online marketing, it will have difficulty getting enough new clients. It is usually not enough today to rely on referrals for new business. There are many Atlanta attorneys competing with you. How strong is your online presence? Can you compete with them?

Now, we will look at some of the best ways to stand out in law firm marketing for the Atlanta market:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is critical to be easy to find on Google. SEO for Atlanta lawyers helps you do that. SEO strategies, over time, will increase your position in search results to bring more visitors to your law firm website.

SEO is critical to ensure an Atlanta law firm shows up high in search results, but it may not help to appear in searches outside of your city. An effective SEO strategy ensures consumers can find you in local searches. Here are some ways to optimize your SEO strategy for local results:

  • Claim your free Google Business Profile page: To appear in local Atlanta search results, setting up and optimizing your Google Business Profile page is step one. This page should have vital details such as the law firm name, address, phone number, website, and photos. FORWARD Lawyer Marketing has a great Google Business Profile Best Practices guide.
  • Make sure the website has Atlanta keywords: To show in Atlanta searches, there should be long-tail keywords on your website with local SEO in mind. For example, suppose you are a personal injury lawyer in Atlanta. In that case, your website should have keywords such as ‘car accident lawyer in Virginia-Highland’ or ‘truck accident lawyer in Inman Park.’
  • Consistency in NAP: Your law firm’s name, address, and phone data should be consistent whenever it appears online. This consistency will enhance local SEO results.
  • Obtain high-quality backlinks: Backlinks from other notable websites are a major Google ranking factor. The more authoritative websites that link to you, the higher your authority.
  • Get positive client reviews: Positive reviews in Google and other popular sources are essential to increase your office’s reputation. Yelp and Avvo also are sites to focus on for reviews. In addition, ask your satisfied clients for a positive review after every settlement or trial.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

SEO is the most important way to get organic search traffic to your site. A law firm can enhance SEO and get instant leads by paying for PPC advertising. These ads are placed on major websites, and the attorney pays each time a searcher clicks the ad.

Your law firm sets up an advertising campaign with a specific budget for each click. This can drive traffic to your site, but PPC can be expensive. So, it may be best to hire a PPC marketing company to manage your campaigns.

Legal Website

If an Atlanta law firm invests in PPC and SEO, the idea is to send consumers to your website. That means effective website design for lawyers is essential! Ensure your law firm website is attractive and informative for the best conversion rate. Here are some tips:

  • SEO optimized: An Atlanta legal site should have excellent, informative legal content optimized with appropriate keywords. For example, targeting car accident victims in Atlanta is essential to weave related keywords into the site content.
  • Mobile friendly: Most people do Google searches on cell phones today. A website that doesn’t display well on digital devices will decrease your traffic. You probably saw a website that didn’t display correctly on an Apple or Android device. How long did you engage?
  • Ease of navigation and speed: The site should be easy to use, with visitors able to navigate to key content in one or two clicks. Also, be sure the site loads quickly. If it takes 10 seconds to appear, visitors bounce and go to another site. For every additional second it takes to load your site, visitors leave. Keeping a site fast means a streamlined design with smaller images.

Content And Blog Marketing

Content and blog marketing means creating informative content related to your legal specialties. Then, share it on your site, social media, and other platforms. This is a proven marketing tactic that Google values very highly. Today, search engines base their rankings on how informative a company is to its audience.

For instance, consider writing educational articles about Georgia estate planning if your Atlanta law firm works in estate planning. If you post the articles on your site and social media pages, this will garner more views. In estate planning, engaging your audience on LinkedIn may be most effective.

If your Atlanta law firm focuses on auto injury cases, you could focus some blog posts on common car accident locations. For example, many car accidents in Atlanta happen on Lee Street, Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, and Old National Highway. Also, Covington Highway and Panola Road in Lithonia is a common trouble spot. Write posts about recent car accidents on these streets and how Atlanta drivers can avoid problems.

Social Media Engagement

Appearing high in Google search results is a big deal, but interacting with people on social media drives legal traffic in Atlanta. Engage in social media marketing to get more leads. Critical social media benefits for Atlanta lawyers include:

  • Getting to a big audience at a low cost: Most legal clients use social media to learn about attorneys and find legal information. Therefore, having a solid social media presence on Facebook and others is a valuable chance to connect with your audience.
  • Putting informative posts on Facebook and other social media, combined with paid ads, can be a powerful way to drive traffic. For example, summarize recent blogs on your social media posts and ask for comments. This strategy effectively drives more traffic to a law firm’s website. Hosting Facebook Live video sessions is another great way to generate interest.
  • Increase brand presence: Sharing high-quality content on social media will boost your law firm’s followers and position the company as an authority for Atlanta law. Regular social media engagement also will expose the firm to a broader audience.
  • Gives your audience another avenue to find you: Being active on social media offers legal clients another way to locate your firm in Atlanta.

Legal Directories

Law firms should leverage legal directories. They are a significant asset for any Atlanta law firm. Putting listings in legal directories online offers several benefits, and it is easy to do.

Putting your name in legal directories gives people another way to find you, and Google likes it when searchers have several options. Avvo, Nolo, FindLaw,, Justia, and LegalZoom are popular legal directories.

Avvo is one of the most heavily visited sites in the legal market. One of the essential parts of Avvo is the legal reviews. A high Avvo rating provides more credibility and will make you stand out to Atlanta clients. In addition, just having a high Avvo rating will increase your contacts.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has been around for decades, but engaging your audience by email still works. If you have a sizable client and prospect list, a law firm can get a lot of bang for the buck. Many email marketing platforms are available at a reasonable price, such as Constant Contact or Mailchimp.

Your email list may ignore high-pressure sales tactics, but sending out a legal newsletter once or twice monthly can be effective. Provide timely information about Atlanta legal questions; people will come to you when they have a legal problem.

Law Firm Case Studies

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