Essential Ranking Factors for Law Firms

Marketing that isn’t targeted is not usually effective. If your site isn’t getting as much traffic as you’d like, then it’s time to ask for professional help. To get your campaigns off to a good start, here’s a look at major ranking factors for local small and mid-sized law firms:

Keywords matter

Using the right keywords can do a lot to optimize your pages for local search and social. If you’ve been doing zero keyword research or simply putting in keywords with little thought or regard for SEO, then you’re missing out on a valuable opportunity to reach out to your market. Words-keywords-can mean the difference between poor site traffic and a steady stream of potential clients to your pages, says the Search Engine Journal.

Make the most of Google My Business

Google loves small to medium-size enterprises and they offer all sorts of perks and free services to these businesses. SEORankingsHowever, few business owners are aware of these perks and if they are, they don’t know how to make the most of them. Hiring a team of experienced digital marketing professionals who specialize in local SEO for lawyers can help increase relevant organic traffic to your website, resulting in more inbound leads to your firm.

Put in Quality links

Links remain a key competitive differentiator when it comes to page rankings and are responsible for about 29 percent of organic traffic. That means you’ll need to continue to ensure that the quality of your links doesn’t slip up. This can be tough if you do not have a dedicated team of professionals to take care of your link building efforts. That’s a worry you can cross off your list when you hire a digital marketing service.

Pay attention to GMB signals

While website signals spring from the use of the right keywords, GMB signals happen within the GMB page itself.

  • These are often the result of reviews and photos and account for about 24 percent of site traffic. In fact, local search results in the last year underpinned the rising popularity of consumer-generated reviews. If you want to rank your pages high, ask pros to help you gain positive feedback and reviews.
  • Having the page associated with an Owner Verified profile is also one way to spike those signals. It’s easier to gain consumer confidence and trust when they know your firm is legitimate.
  • Putting in keywords also helped improve rankings. Careful keyword placement in the GMB pages is easy enough when you have experts in local SEO for lawyers to take care of your content and manage your keywords.

Personalize your pages

It’s getting harder to reach through the clutter. Personalizing your pages can help your brand and business-but only if it’s done right. That’s why engaging the services of a digital marketing team with experience in local SEO for lawyers is a smart move to make. With help from us, you can:

  • Stand out from the competition
  • Better connect with your audience
  • Build up brand awareness and recognition

If you want to start leveraging your website into more website visitors to increase caseload, call us today at (888) 590-9687 to find out how.

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