Does Social Media Help my Firm’s SEO?

January 3 , 2018 | BY Matthew Stark

Social Media for Law FirmsSocial media has taken the internet world by storm. Now, you cannot stay away from social media websites that often define the communal perspective. Law firms are realizing that they must give due attention to maintaining a strong presence on social media avenues. We believe that you can certainly improve your firm’s SEO prominence and activities by integrating your social media accounts with your website. Here, we describe how this happens, especially when you take the help of a digital marketing solutions provider for law firms.

Creating Authority

When your firm authors various articles and posts on the social media, it helps in creating an important author perspective. Google’s search engine uses prominent links that produce an authority on a subject. The search engine can find out whether a business is using the social media links that are mentioned on their website.

Law firms that are found to have active social media handles receive a higher ranking from Google. This increases their chances of improving their online exposure and appearing higher on the Google’s results for relevant keywords. As an attorney or a law firm, you have a lot to gain from maintaining an excellent social media presence and then using it to help your firm’s website gain prominence.

Swift Indexing

The content, which is shared across various social media platforms, is quickly picked by the algorithms of prominent search engines. The swift sharing of the social content means that it is relevant and holds value to the people. If your firm’s website is properly linked to these social media posts, your backlinks receive a huge boost resulting in an improved SEO performance.

The whole process means that the indexer of Google will pick up quicker on your website and swiftly update its position in the search results, as well as index any content which has been recently added to your website. This means that social media directly helps with the SEO of your law firm and helps you attain the best position on the internet. You can achieve this by hiring a professional digital marketing specialist.

Boosting Your Profile

Your firm’s SEO improves when your profile is boosted across different platforms. The material present on each of your social media platforms takes part in creating a stronger online profile. This means that if someone searches your law firm, they receive multiple hits that all guide them towards your website and social media accounts. The keywords that you use for the SEO are further highlighted. Google acknowledges them positively; because they originate from your own sources and help you naturally improve the visibility of your law firm and all its online profiles. This provides you a better business representation and helps you gain unique clients that may otherwise, never learn about your law firm.


Your social media profiles and the activities that you perform on it, all take part in creating, promoting and enhancing your brand. This means that you get the benefit of improved SEO results, especially if you seek the help of a competent online marketing agency. The result of all these activities is the promotion of your law firm and better greater visibility in the online world.

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