July 30 , 2018 | BY admin

What is Google Search Console and Why Should Your Law Firm Worry about It?

If there is one thing that almost all modern businesses, including law firms, know is that they must pay close attention to their web presence. It matters very little if the products or services they offer can be supplied through…
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February 1 , 2018 | BY admin

How Voice Search Optimization Can Help Your Law Firm

Google Voice Search Optimization There has been yet another shift in the tides of SEO. The advent of a number of effective voice searches has punched some holes in a number of legal website's SEO, leaving them vulnerable to falling…
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September 16 , 2016 | BY admin

Social Media and SEO

The fact is social media does have a big impact on SEO and your website’s organic rankings.  The hard part is establishing and maintaining a presence on social media in order to reap the benefits of seeing increased web traffic…
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